2020: A Year in Review with Ed Narke, Brian Lihou & Meranda Parascandola

2020: A Year in Review with Ed Narke, Brian Lihou & Meranda Parascandola

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Episode Summary

In this very special episode of CMC Live, hosts Ed Narke, Brian Lihou and Meranda Parascandola provide an in-depth recap of Season One, complete with direct quotes from all of their illustrious guests. Ed, Brian and Meranda reflect on everything from Jim Mencel’s perspective on expedited drug development programs and Dave Adams’ belief in trusting the API process to Daniel Torok’s analysis of the White Coat Effect and Judy Magruder’s effective strategies for early stage drug development. They share insights from David Blasingame on the advantages and disadvantages of manufacturing in China as well as Hedley Rees’ views on the importance of creating a value chain. Finally, Ed, Brian and Meranda discuss topics they’d like to integrate into Season Two and thank the listeners for their support throughout the year.

What We Covered

  • 00:43 – Ed, Brian and Meranda introduce today’s 2020 Year-In-Review show and look back on learnings from Jim Mencel, Dave Adams and Daniel Torok
  • 10:11 – Ed, Brian and Meranda reflect back on their conversations with Rick Offerman, Les Mintzmyer and Dave Blasingame
  • 19:06 – Ed, Brian and Meranda talk about a recent panel discussion they held with other CMC experts
  • 21:00 – Ed, Brian and Meranda recap episodes featuring Kyriakos Michailaros, Bettina Kaplan and Colman Byrne
  • 31:06 – Ed, Brian and Meranda highlight a very special external guest, Hedley Rees who spoke with them about how to create a value chain
  • 37:39 – Ed, Brian and Meranda speak to their discussions with Judy Magruder and Catherine Bernard
  • 43:05 – Ed, Brian and Meranda wrap up this 2020 Year-In-Review, thank the listeners for their support in 2020 and look forward to what 2021 has in store

Tweetable Quotes

One of the things that resonated with me on that particular podcast was how Dave (Adams) took a step back and said, ‘You really can’t underestimate the importance of the skilled technicians that actually run the process. Click To TweetThe reality is they still need that person-in-plant. So, I think what Dan (Torok) brings to the table is what a lot of clients look for. Some clients don’t have that infrastructure and they blindly trust the CMO – and sometimes not… Click To TweetI think people are now realizing that they do need to take a lot of different factors into consideration when selecting their CMO and they might need that assistance from experts like us. Click To TweetIf you know that you have properly identified and characterized the development history of your product, and its pitfalls, and its areas of concern – and you’ve explored those – it really makes for a much more robust filing that… Click To TweetWe had a special external guest, Hedley Rees, who talked a bit about supply chain and how to create a value chain. Click To TweetOur job as regulatory reviewers, strategists, authors, CMC experts, is to decipher what the data is saying. Click To TweetI think that’s the experience that Judy brought to bear is that holistic approach to a client’s program. Click To Tweet

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