David Adams

Senior Drug Substance Consultant

David Adams

Mr. Adams is a perceptive chemist/engineer with over 30 years’ experience problem-solving in pharmaceutical manufacturing and process development with a history of making significant improvements. Experienced with fractional distillation, hydrogenations, catalysis, Grignard reactions, extractions, filtrations, hazardous reagents. Experienced with GMP’s, lean sigma, statistical-process-control, hazard analyses, environmental controls & treatment, DEA, OSHA & FDA regs.

  • Managed approximately 6 production campaigns
  • Improved operation and provided accountability for $15-million process recovery streams.
  • Developed an improved crystallization for 6-ACP reducing processing time 50%.

Before joining DSI, Mr. Adams served has Production Team Leader for Lonza and Senior Process Engineer at Johnson Matthey.


Core Competencies

  • Process Chemist
  • Fractional Distillation
  • Man in Plant
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • CMO Selection
  • Small and Large Molecule
  • Combination Products
  • Hazard Analyses
  • Process Improvement