Eileen Jacobs

Senior Project Management Consultant

Eileen Jacobs, Senior Project Management Consultant

A Drexel University trained mechanical engineer, Ms. Jacobs has over 23 years of global Pharmaceutical industry experience in engineering and product launch leadership roles in companies such as Wyeth, RPR and SKB. Using her sound technical abilities, Eileen serves our clients in effectively planning strategies for product launch, release, and distribution to markets worldwide.

Having served as the key project management consultant for multiple major pharmaceutical company’s product launch to the EMEA markets, Eileen is aware of the challenges of coordinating Manufacturing needs with that of Supply Chain. Through effective and transparent project management tools, she routinely serves our clients in the areas of accumulating ready for launch product stock in anticipation of new product approvals. By understanding the many aspects of production and their relationship to support functions, Eileen can manage those relationships on behalf of clients or within a client’s existing infrastructure.

Eileen provides for our clients is around product transfer up to and including process validation. Often as client’s grow out of or require a site change to a new CMO, they must rely solely on the guidance of that CMO. Eileen creates overall project tracking tools (GANNT) that provide our clients with a snap shot of critical milestones and potential choke points throughout a project.


Core Competencies

  • Clinical Supply Chain
  • New Product Launch
  • Parenteral Manufacturing
  • Supplier Agreements
  • Portfolio Management
  • GAP Risk Management
  • Lifecycle Planning