Halloween Special – Ghosts, Spirits and CMC Regulatory, A Halloween Story

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October 29, 2020
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November 13, 2020

Halloween Special – Ghosts, Spirits and CMC Regulatory, A Halloween Story

Episode Summary

In this very special and spooky episode of CMC Live, Ed, Meranda and Brian host a happy hour and invite other members of the Design Space InPharmatics team to share the scariest stories from their careers. From walking through a morgue to gain access to medical records to a very noisy liquid oxygen tank, these stories will be sure to raise the hair on the back of your neck!

What We Covered

  • 01:12 – Introducing a very spooky Halloween Special where Ed, Brian, Meranda and the rest of the DSI Team share stories of time spent in creepy labs and other scary situations
  • 21:58 – Paul tells a story of working the graveyard shift at a hospital
  • 25:06 – Valerie and Meranda share their own spooky experiences working in pharma
  • 35:01 – An Excel Horror Story
  • 36:06 – Ed shares a scary email story followed by Dave’s liquid ammonia experience
  • 48:55 – Ed, Brian and Meranda thank everyone for joining the show and sharing their stories

Tweetable Quotes

I’ve never tasted cherries as delicious as the ones that were being fed and rooted from the formaldehyde and sulfuric acid that was being pumped into the soil. Click To TweetYou know it’s a bad day when the local news crew is sitting in the lobby when you walk in. Click To TweetI would have to go down and walk – this is in the middle of the night, no one around – walk down to the basement, past the morgue, through the boiler room, into this dark, dank, dusty place with like rats and dig through boxes for… Click To TweetI’ve scared myself. I was working late one night and we had liquid oxygen on site and every once in a while you’d get a hiss or a clank or something weird. And the warehouse was making an awful lot of noise one night so I was like,… Click To TweetIn the days before corporations had things like change control, and quality groups on site and so forth, Smith-Kline and others were organized as just a bunch of chemical operators. And that was it. There was no other functions on… Click To TweetDave told a story about liquid ammonia and some scary situation there. Click To TweetI’ve actually been at a place where we did heavy duty analysis on bungie cords. Click To Tweet

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