Supply Chain Assessment And Management

Supply Chain Assessment And Management


Product manufactures need capable oversight and development of clinical and commercial supply chain logistics to ensure a continued supply of goods to the clinic and the market. We provide logistical oversight from the acquisition of raw materials acquisition at the beginning of the process through to delivery of clinical materials to trial sites for developmental programs and distributors for commercial products.

DSI can assist with overall strategy, implementation and on-going supply chain assessment.

Our experts in API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) and Drug Product manufacturing will guide your company through all business aspects that could impact your supply chain, including manufacturing planning, raw material sourcing, materials planning, vendor selection, cost of goods, inventory planning, and supply redundancies and integrity. DSI prepares you for launch, helps brings new manufacturing facilities online and your new products to market.


  • End-to-end Supply Chain Assessment and Optimization
  • Technology Transfer Planning and Management
  • Vendor Selection
  • Vendor Audits and Management
  • Cost of Goods Evaluation
  • Inventory and Contingency Strategy


  • Fully Optimized Supply Chain
  • Reduced Costs throughout the Supply Chain and to Final Product
  • Improved Vendor Quality, Reliability and Integrity
  • Contingency Planning and Supply Chain Redundancy