Dealing with Disruption: 5 Ways DSI’s Virtual CMC Department Benefits Your Program



Our hearts go out to the many people and businesses that have been impacted by the COVID-19 virus. As the outbreak expands, many drug sponsors are experiencing uncertainty. We see it as our responsibility, during this difficult time, to promote health and safety among the community at large.

Now more than ever, the use of powerful remote work partners becomes not just a matter of preference and safety, but a matter of necessity.

Our consulting platform allows our virtual CMC department to work from anywhere, anytime, in order to get work done and keep your programs moving forward - even in the event of a crisis.

We want to reassure you of DSI’s service resilience during this time. In fact, as you may be aware, we have been supporting CMC for our clients' programs VIRTUALLY FOR OVER 14 YEARS.

We hope that you and your employees remain safe during this time and stay connected. Should you have any questions, please feel free to Ask an Expert your prickly CMC Drug Development questions.

So what exactly can you do with our virtual CMC Deeper Department?

  1. Partnering with Subject Matter Experts adds legitimacy
  2. Productivity increases with flexibility and a 24 hour work day
  3. Access to our worldwide CMC talent with Less Overhead
  4. Safely Scale Up what you can do with your program and Turn Off when unnecessary
  5. Reduces burden and stress with cost savings

Our team of expert consultants brings decades of experience to every stage of the regulatory and product development process, from initial selection of development and manufacturing sources, design and evaluation of the investigational manufacturing process, thru the scale-up for commercialization.

This includes expertise in each of the following elements of the product development process: quality management, manufacturing, product comparability, process design and evaluation, GMP, and the regulatory strategy and compliance concurrent with each step.