A Discussion on CMC Strategy and Submissions with Ed Narke, Brian Lihou & Meranda Parascandola

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October 16, 2020
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October 29, 2020

A Discussion on CMC Strategy and Submissions with Ed Narke, Brian Lihou & Meranda Parascandola

Episode Summary

Edward Narke is a Principal and Regulatory Managing Director, Brian Lihou is the Head of Operations and Meranda Parascandola is the Head of Business Development & Marketing at Design Space InPharmatics. Today, Ed, Brian and Meranda join the show to discuss CMC marketing application strategies and submissions. Specifically, they speak to the important role regulatory reviewers play in deciphering data and ensuring all authors are following one cohesive story. They break down other CMC issues they’ve encountered with projects they’ve worked on and provide insights and protocols clients can follow to yield a successful program.

What We Covered

  • 01:16 – Ed, Brian and Meranda take a deep dive into analyzing CMC strategy and submissions
  • 11:26 – Ed, Brian and Meranda discuss resources required for compiling CMC dossiers and the importance of understanding roles and responsibilities within this process
  • 20:09 – Essential aspects of putting together an effective authoring team
  • 25:25 – Brian speaks to the importance of respecting the experience of those that have been working on projects from the jump
  • 28:28 – Ed, Brian and Meranda discuss what sponsors should know about CMC regulations to prepare for a marketing application

Tweetable Quotes

I think the experience level of that regulatory point person during the submission is really critical. Click To TweetOftentimes we find that clients are also looking for a submission to be a learning opportunity for their own people. Click To TweetWhen you’re preparing to undertake this preparation to write this, the first and probably the most critical step is to engage across disciplinary teams. Click To TweetOne of the things that I think is often a recipe for anxiety and stress is not understanding roles and responsibilities. Click To TweetOne of the areas that’s really essential when you’re putting together your authoring team is to have somebody at the client that truly understands where the skeletons are. Click To TweetOver the years we’ve worked to build in efficiencies that take a lot of the guess work out of compiling the submissions. Click To TweetI think respecting the experience of the people that brought the project to this point is critical. Click To TweetPlanning is probably a better option than chance. Click To TweetTypically what I would do if I was moving on from an IND and starting to develop an NDA, I would start from ground zero, making sure I at least have an outline chart with all of the ECTB sections outlined in that manner. Click To TweetI think it’s important to note that the cost of doing an incomplete filing is monumental. Click To TweetRegulatory authorities are part of the team. They’re your friends. Seek advice, ask for their advice and also educate them. Click To Tweet

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