Outsourcing in China: How far can it go?

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November 6, 2020
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November 20, 2020

Outsourcing in China: How far can it go?

Episode Summary

David Blasingame is a Director of CMC at Rigel Pharmaceuticals and former Senior Consultant at Design Space InPharmatics. David is an accomplished process chemist with over twenty years of experience in process research and development, API and drug product manufacturing and developing cross-functional and external CMO relationships. In this episode, David, Ed, Meranda and Brian discuss the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing drug manufacturing to China, the value of person in-plant approach, and the importance of communication and trust in building good partnership relationships.

What We Covered

  • 00:55 – Ed, Brian and Meranda welcome to the show David Blasingame who speaks to his extensive background as a process chemist as well as the advantages and disadvantages of manufacturing drugs in China
  • 10:20 – The importance of person in-plant activity and the White Coat Effect
  • 11:29 – David speaks to the issues he’s experienced with employee turnover
  • 17:11 – Facts and myths about America’s dependence on medicine from China, overcoming communications issues and the process of dealing with CMOs
  • 23:41 – David talks about the benefits of staying with the same drug substance manufacturer and expounds on the reasons why not every program is a fit for China
  • 31:55 – Ed, Brian and Meranda thank David for joining the show

Tweetable Quotes

One of the key activities for any oversight of manufacturing and any CMO is person in-plant activities. Click To TweetYou better make sure you have an easy to manage process…easily transferable, and you really do have to budget to have a presence on that floor. All these things have to be factored into your decision to move into China. Click To TweetIf you’re looking for a commercial process that you might be able to take anywhere, I’m not necessarily sure that China is the place that you would go. Click To TweetWe found it actually paid for itself in having somebody on staff who can speak the language because the communication style and the communication was very different than when we didn’t have one. Click To TweetI think if you’re planning on doing manufacturing in China, plan on being hands on. Click To Tweet

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